our story

Two chefs and a kitchen…

Like many good stories, the Ace's Bistro tale begins with an appreciation for fine food, good conversation and a place called home.

Founded in 2017 by chefs Stephanie De Mel and Nicolas Miller, Ace's Bistro is more than just Napa Valley's finest dining experiences, it is the embodiment of the best of life.

Behind the tall oak doors that welcome you to Ace's Bistro, you will find the warmth of family in a staff that lives and loves to make sure your time with us is nothing short of spectacular.

Sitting at a table, hand-picked for you, you will note the fine finishes that evoke the style of our Northern California location. Yet no matter where you come from, Ace's Bistro will seem familiar—like somewhere you have been, and somewhere to where you are sure to return.

As the first course arrives at your table, you will experience the art that defines the preparation and presentation of every dish at Ace's Bistro.

Your first bite lets you know that you are taking part in something special, unique and sacred.

The spirit of Ace's Bistro is supplied by the passion of its proprietors and founding chefs.

College sweethearts, De Mel and Miller recognized in each other a shared love of fine dining.

At home, spending endless hours preparing beautiful meals for each other, the two discovered the secret ingredients to the perfect dining experience. While never explicitly expressed, evidence of these ingredients is evident throughout the Ace's Bistro experience.